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Advertising benefits:

  • Cost-effective - range of adverts to suit your budget, whether or not you have existing online advertising.
  • Attract quality leads - tell users what they need to know about your business.
  • Promote your website/business - link it to your advert so that customers are only a click away or call.
  • Support your promotions - update your advert with us for free at any time.

Project requirements:
Should you choose to promote your website or business via you will need to undergo our strict vetting service, this will be relatively painless to your business, however not all applications will be accepted.

We will require a brief run down of your business, products or services and your full business address. Depending on what advertising package you choose we may need more information such as a company Logo, design ideas and so on.

Ref No Package   Package includes
  Basic text listings:    
BL01a Beginner listing   Company name and telephone number
SL01a Starter listing   Company name, telephone number and description
AL01a Advanced listing   Company name, telephone number, Email and description
SL02b Sophisticated listing   Company name, telephone number, FAX, Email, URL and description
  Business adverts:    
BBL185/137 Bronze business   185*137 pixels to be filled as desired
SBL185/275 Silver business   185*275 pixels to be filled as desired

Gold business

  390*185 pixels to be filled as desired
PBL390/550 Platinum business   390*550 pixels to be filled as desired

Banner campaigns:

BA120/40 Mini spot banners   120*40 pixels mini banner
BA120/80 Spot banners   120*80 pixels spot banner
BA120/120 Business banners   120*120 pixels business banner
BA390/80 Executive banner ad   390*80 pixels executive banner this is a bottom banner ad
BA390/80 Elite business banner ad   390*80 pixels elite banner this is a top page banner ad
  Sponsored listings:   * Terms apply to the below packages
TCP01a Category home page   Sponsored listings in text
THP01a Domain home page   Sponsored listings in text
  Category home page   Sponsored banners
MBCHPa     Mini spot banners
SPCHPa     Spot banners
BBCHPa     Business banners
EBCHPa     Executive banner ad
EBCHPb     Elite business banner ad
  Domain home page   Sponsored banners
MBHPa     Mini spot banners
SPHPa     Spot banners
BBHPa     Business banners
EBHPa     Executive banner ad
EBHPb     Elite business banner ad
  Bespoke advertising:    
QP01a Quarter page advert   390*600 pixels to be filled as desired
HP01a Half page advert   750*600 pixels to be filled as desired
FP01a Full page listing   750*1300 pixels to be filled as desired
  Basic text listings
  * BL01a, SL01a & AL01a are suitable for local businesses without a web presence.
  Business adverts
  * All these adverts are suitable for local businesses without a web presence.
  Banner campaigns
  * All these ads are three clicks deep; please refer to our sponsored listings for first and second clicks.
  Sponsored listings
  * Packages vary depending on what size and type of advertisement you choose.
  * THP01a & BHP01a will receive an inner page designed within our website.
  Bespoke advertising
  * QP01a will be shared with four other companies & HP01a will be shared with two other companies