Cyprus is historically a trading nation. 
A small island in the Eastern Mediterranean,
 it is strategically placed to benefit from an active trading population.

This is a as true in 2015 as it was in 1015

Cyprus' name derives from Cuprum or Cyprium which in trading terms was one of the most valuable and malleable metals in the world, copper.  It may be no coincidence that the copper coloured soil of Cyprus on its rich alluvial plains produces one of the best strains of potato in the world. Agriculture is one of the islands strongest exports with the grape producing a decent enough wine and since the days of the crusades a desert wine unique to the island known as Commanderia, after the knights Templar who invented and drank it in their commandery at Kollossi

Since those far off and prehistoric days the island has seen many conquests and changes.

The latest was the joining of the European Union of which it is now a full member.
The Euro replaced the Cyprus pound in January 200

The Cyprus stock market is now strong and vibrant.

Focus on foreign trade 




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