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Cyprus is a great place to retire , warm for most of the year and in the hot months just go up to the cool mountains or visit relatives back home. It has tax treaties which mean your retirement income is not whittled away, the climate is suitable for most tastes and the cost of living is more reasonable than most. It is also a wonderful place to be, close to almost everywhere by air and has a good communications network worldwide.


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Member of Netcheck - Ethical business on the internet.Show your appreciation when doing business in Cyprus with a plant or office decoration from Cyprus Flowers. Deliveries to the door.offshore companies in Cyprus, take a cruise, the ultimate relaxation after minimal taxation.

Head office : 4 Ayiou Neophytou
Phone: + 357 24 665408
 Fax    : + 357 24 627489
Postal : Po Box 40218
Larnaca. Cyprus.

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